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Keratin Treatments are here to stay.

Just like the perms and colors from years ago, they had so much ammonia that you would get a little high when using them.  I lived it. Anyone that has been in the business as long as I have, (41) years knows better.  Keratin treatments with Formaldehyde are here to stay!  I remember not so long ago working with 2 top Keratin company’s executives and dealing with their fears of that the government that regulates our industry was going to shut them down because of their high content of formaldehyde in their product.  My suggestion to them was to bring the contents of Formaldehyde down to a safe but effective level, and that is what they did!  Today they are one of the top Keratin companies globally.

 My experience with the perms and colors years ago with their high content of ammonia and chemicals, which smelled like rotten eggs; are still around as of today.  There are companies now that have changed their formulas to accommodate the general public's needs and comfort level.

 Some have more Formaldehyde than others in their products and that is a fact.. and some have tried to hide it and that is another fact!  I have worked with some of the top Keratin companies as an Educator Platform Artist - Research and Development, (RD). Some have tried to hide the fact that they did not have Formaldehyde in their products, ( Oh its Aldehydes ) Shit! it’s all the same!  Like Keratin Blowout that almost blew it for us.  But to please these people, think that we, as “hairstylist” are in lack of education, big mistake!  We as stylists learn straight from the source, the people we service.  A stylist shared with me and said “Carlos, I have traveled the world through the eyes of my clients".
Wow!  What a statement he must have a Professional Hair Designer’s license. (PHD) 
Now lets talk about my recommendation and lets get one thing clear, Keratin Treatments are not straighteners!  They do not break the bonds of the hair fibers and reconstructs them like straighteners.  Keratin and Organic oils combined together with Formaldehyde to preserve the product integrity.
Applied on damp hair, Water being the vehicle for the source of the products smooth application and penetration.  Heat being the activator of the product.